Miniature implants give you confidence!

With miniMARK™ dental implants your dentures are securely anchored, giving you absolute confidence; confidence to laugh and smile; confidence to speak; confidence to eat all your favorite foods.

Denture stability is now more affordable.

There is nothing more secure then dentures that are supported by dental implants; however, the cost is often prohibitive. This is not the case with the miniMARK implant system. There are several factors that make this type of dental solution much more affordable, the biggest one being time! The miniMARK implant can be placed in a single office visit.

Your choice, apples or apple sauce!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again without the hassle and worries that come along with unsecure dentures? The miniMARK system can grant you the freedom to enjoy these foods once again!

Why miniature implants?

Implants need healthy bone to adhere to. In some cases, there just isn’t enough bone to adhere to. This is often corrected with a more invasive procedure to expand and grow new bone. This can take several months before the implant can be placed.

With miniMARK miniature dental implants, they can be successfully installed into areas where a traditional implants can not. This simple procedure is often done in a single visit. Giving you the ability to wear your denture in confidence!

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